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National Teach Children To Save Day

Apr27National Teach Children To Save Day

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Date 4/27/2023
Time All Day

Proud Participant of Teach Children to Save Banner

Northwest Bank is proud to support the American Bankers Association Foundation’s national Teach Children to Save financial education campaign! National Teach Children To Save Day has been helping young people since 1997 develop saving habits at young ages. Lesson plans are designed to familiarize students with financial education fundamentals at an early age putting them on a path to becoming smart money-managing adults. We are truly passionate about financial education and improving our local communities. In 2021, Northwest Bank helped teach the importance of saving to over 1,060 students throughout the communities we serve! 

View Our Teach Children To Save Video 

Our Teach Children to Save lessons encourages bankers to teach students about financial skills through activities, interactive scenarios and sharing real-life experiences.  The lessons cover the basics of saving, how interest makes money grow, how to cut spending, bill management, creating a budget and how to distinguish needs from wants.  During the month of April, Northwest Bank employees will speak with local students and deliver a grade-appropriate savings education lesson.  

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