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Anytime Access Prepaid Card

With the Anytime Access Prepaid Card, your money is safe and easy to manage!

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What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a card that can be loaded with funds by you or another person, company or institution. The card can then be used to pay bills and make purchases at shops, by phone or online.

Who is the Anytime Access Card for?

The Anytime Access reloadable prepaid debit card program is created as a full-service alternative to traditional checking. The Anytime Access Card is ideal for many individuals including...

  • Students and young adults learning account management tools
  • Travelers and online users will appreciate the security the account provides by keeping funds on the card separate from their primary accounts
  • Military and Service Individuals
  • And more!

Check out these great benefits and features!*

  • Welcomed wherever debit MasterCard is accepted
  • Shop online, pay bills and buy groceries, gas and more
  • Plan budgets and track spending online at
  • Convenient options for adding funds to the Anytime Access Card
  • Replacement cards available at full value if lost or stolen

For more information...

Visit the website or call the bilingual customer service team at 1-800-416-6373.

Ask a Northwest Bank Representative for an Anytime Access Prepaid Card today!

*Fees apply to certain transactions. Refer to the Schedule of Fees and the Cardholder Agreement for more information.

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