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Iowa Mortgage Association 2017 President's Club and Winner's Circle Mortgage Professionals

Images of our Presidents and Winner circles mortgage bankers

posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 in In Our News

The Iowa Mortgage Association is pleased to announce that several Mortgage Professionals from Northwest Bank were accepted into the IMA’s 2017 President’s Club and Winner’s Circle.  During the recognition program, the club recognizes mortgage originators who meet an outstanding level of loan volume.  Mortgage Banker’s must originate loans in the State of Iowa and their office location must be in Iowa. Minimum loan origination eligibility is $15 million or 100 units of residential loan volume in 2017 for Winner’s Circle and $20 million or 130 units of residential loan volume in 2017 for President’s Club.  

These members of the 2017 President’s Club and Winner’s Circle were honored at the IMA Convention on March 27th at the association’s Spring Conference in Cedar Rapids, IA. Northwest Bank mortgage professionals are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing our customers with the great customer service experience that Northwest Bank is known for.

The Iowa Mortgage Association is a statewide trade association that aims to promote the welfare of Iowa mortgage professionals and to improve their service to the community, promote a spirit of cooperation among the various persons or organizations who constitute the IMA and for the encouragement and assistance of its members.

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