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Our Process

Understanding our clients goals, their values and their dreams is the cornerstone of our practice. We want to know your story. We will walk through a series of questions with you to create the most comprehensive and customized plan that will bring exactly the right solutions to the table for you, and your story.



From the very first meeting with your Northwest advisor you can expect a different and refreshing approach. We won’t be telling you about today’s “Hot Stock” or the selling last years top performing mutual fund. In fact, we won’t be making product recommendations at all. What we will do is ask questions. We want to know you. We want to know about your family. We want to know about your values. We want to know what concerns keep you up at night. We want to know your story.



Once we understand your story, we put ourselves in your shoes and work with you to design a plan as if it were our own. We strategize with our team and develop a personalized plan that will give you the best odds of achieving what’s most important to you. Sometimes planning involves incorporating a larger team of experts such as your CPA and/or attorney. As we develop the plan we write it out in detail in our Investment Policy Statement. This is the roadmap that will guide all of us along the way.



The task of implementing your plan can be daunting if you’ve never attempted it before. Our experienced team will handle the details for you including opening accounts, processing rollovers or transfers, and placing the necessary transactions to reposition your portfolio, all while keeping you informed along the way.



Once your plan is implemented our work is just beginning. Markets are constantly changing. As such, we are continually watching your account to ensure that your investments match up with your plan and we will take the necessary steps when needed so that you stay on target.



Markets aren’t the only area of constant change. Your story continues to write itself. Life happens and priorities can change as well. We will have regular progress meetings with you when we will talk about where we are on the path to achieving your goals and also any life events that may call for an adjustment to your plan. Our commitment to our clients is that by adopting your story as our own we will continue to do what’s in your best interest not only today, but every day into the future.

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