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National FFA Week

Feb17National FFA Week

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Date 2/17/2024 - 2/24/2024
Time All Day

national ffa week


why is national ffa week important?

  • The National FFA Organization is shaping the next generation of leaders who will change the world.
  • National FFA Week serves as a dedicated period for FFA members to amplify the impact of the National FFA Organization in developing future leaders and advancing agricultural education.
  • Joining forces with supporters, National FFA Week encourages contributions that fuel programs across all levels, spanning national initiatives to local endeavors. These contributions foster grants, scholarships, and the provision of official blue jackets to members in need.
  • FFA chapters unite with their communities during this week, leading diverse service projects that give back and create meaningful impacts.
  • Let the world know! Utilize our toolkit to customize content for your state association or local chapter, increasing visibility for FFA and showcasing your community initiatives that bring about meaningful change.

how is ffa unique?

  • LIFE-CHANGING - FFA facilitates formative experiences, altering the course of students’ lives for the better.
  • SCHOOL-BASED - FFA is extracurricular: members must be enrolled in an agricultural education class.
  • CAREER-READINESS - FFA members develop the necessary skills to continue their education in college or to enter the workforce immediately.
  • GLOBAL PURPOSE - FFA prepares members to be globally conscious citizens of their community, their state, their country, and the world.
  • AGRICULTURAL FOCUS - FFA provides opportunities to demonstrate literacy, advocacy, and technical skills in agriculture, food, and natural resources.

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