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Protect and Manage Your Credit

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Stay in the Know with Credit Sense

Your credit score is more than just a number - it's a way for lenders to determine whether you are eligible for a loan, the amount of the loan, interest rate and your payment - important stuff when you are planning for your future.

With Credit Sense you can access your credit score* along with personalized tips on how to improve or maintain an already great score. It's built right into your Online and Mobile Banking App, so you won't need a new login.

gray arrowImprove Your Financial Health!

With a modern design and added features to help you understand and improve your financial health.

image of cards New Credit Score Analysis “Cards”
Quickly evaluate all areas that make up your credit score.
image of simulator tool icon New Interactive Simulator Tool
Select various ?nancial decisions to see how they might affect your score.
image of graphic and chart More Graphics and Charts
Gain additional insights as you identify your spending patterns.

gray barSections within Credit Sense

Credit Score

Offers a new sub navigation for Score Analysis, Credit Report and Simulation

  • Credit score events are displayed in a stackable chart to visualize the relationship of the score with payment history, usage, or opening/ closing of accounts.
  • Credit Score simulator allows you to see the potential impact of opening new accounts or paying o? balances. The interactive tool will simulate the your credit scores before they actually take those actions.

Loans & Offers 

This section collates all the offers you are eligible for and displays them under each product category.


Alerts now have their own section. Through these alerts and notifications, you will be more informed about which changes to your report are important. 


This section provides some FAQs, access to your user profile, your money blog as well as credit monitoring history. 

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Image of phone displaying credit sense appAbout Credit Sense

  • It's Free!
  • It's a "soft pull" on your credit report and does not affect your score
  • Receive monitoring alerts
  • Identify Credit Bureau Errors
  • See best rates available for you based on your score
  • Get personalized tips on how to improve or maintain your score

How Do I Get My Score?

Getting your score is easy! 

  1. Log in to your Online or Mobile Banking and click on the "Check Your Score" button 
  2. You'll fill out a short form and answer some questions to identify yourself
  3. You get your score!

Anytime you log into your Online or Mobile Banking you can check your score. Your score will be pulled each month and you'll receive an email letting you know what has changed that month.



gray barHow To Improve your Credit Score

Our new credit score tool will help you learn more about improving your score. This beneficial tool also has a section of advice and information from financial experts.

A few tips to get you started:

  • Pull your credit reports
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Don't carry debt
  • Hang onto old cards

gray barCredit Sense FAQs

Credit Sense, available in your Online or Mobile Banking App, is a free service offered to help your understand your current credit score, give access to your full credit report, provide credit monitoring alerts, show you how you can improve it and see ways you can save money.

What is Credit Sense?

Credit Sense is a comprehensive Credit Score program that helps you  stay on top of your credit. You get your latest credit score and report, an understanding of key factors that impact the score, and can see the most up to date offers that could help you save.

Credit Sense also monitors your credit report daily and informs you by email if there are any big changes detected such as: a new account being opened, change in address or employment, a delinquency has been reported or an inquiry has been made. Monitoring helps users keep an eye out for identity theft.

Is there a fee?

No. Credit Sense is entirely free and no credit card information is required to register.

How often is my credit score updated?

As long as you are a regular Northwest Bank Online or Mobile Banking User your credit score will be updated every month and displayed in your mobile app. You can click "refresh score" as frequently as every day by navigating to the detailed Credit Sense site from within the mobile app.

*The credit score provided is intended to help you understand the factors that affect your credit score, and ways you may be able to save money with Northwest Bank loan products. It is generally not used for loan approval purposes or for determining loan rates. Loan rates and approvals are based on information provided to the bank when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in the credit report may be different than the credit score you see here. The offers presented here are not offers to lend; normal underwriting criteria apply. Terms and conditions and offers are subject to change at any time.

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Talk about convenience, you can now complete an application for a Vehicle Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Home Equity Loan and Personal Loan anytime! 

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