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The Safe Act

As required by federal law, Northwest Bank employees engaged in the origination of residential mortgage loans are required to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Below is a list of registered Northwest Bank employees and their NMLS registration number.




Jeremy Ahrens Personal Banker, La Vista 1675827
Deborah Andersen Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 1134945
Michaela Arneson Universal Banker, Arnolds Park 2466810
Ashley Avery Personal Banker, Sioux City 1809400
Pat Berte Bank President, Algona 954509
Mary Brooks Bagwell Collections Specialist, Spencer 1945290
Marcus Christensen Commercial Banker, VP, West Des Moines 1938966
Dana Christiansen Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 488156
Joe Conover President, Spencer 954511
Gabriela Davila Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 1460860
Will DeRosear Mortgage Loan Originator, La Vista 639430
Danielle Doran Retail Manager, AVP Spencer 1653263
Teresa Egli Universal Banker, Ames 2345371
Michele Elson Personal Banker, Ankeny 1177635
Nicole Evans Bank President, Arnolds Park 523258
Pam Floy Personal Banker, Le Mars 560613
JoAnne Franke Personal Banker, Spencer 488160
Sara Frerichs Director of Credit Administration, EVP, Spencer 488161
Makayla Gallentine Private Banker, Ankeny 2402618
Jessica Garvin Retail Manager, AVP, Arnolds Park and Milford 488214
Jessica Gronau Retail Manager, Algona 1171595
LeAnne Hamrick Mortgage Loan Originator, Arnolds Park 1437688
Samantha Hamrick Mortgage Loan Originator, Omaha 885700
Mindy Hartz Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux City 404695
Mariah Heisterkamp Business Banking Assistant, West Des Moines 2593906
Mindy Hodgson Personal Banker, Le Mars 1136317
Michele Hofman Retail Manager, Sioux Center 1188728
Lindsey Hoger Universal Banker, Omaha 1751531
Jed Jensen Bank President, Spirit Lake 954510
Cari Jenson Mortgage Loan Originator, Ankeny 1142604
Sue Johnson Business Banking Assistant, Ames 2076022
Timothy Jones Mortgage Underwriter, West Des Moines 1563869
Jessica Juza Personal Banker, Spencer 2297770
Angie Kasch Mortgage Loan Originator, VP, Algona 488217
Dylan Kibbie Universal Banker, West Des Moines 2563993
Brian Klaas Regional Mortgage Lending Manager, VP, West Des Moines 488164
Noelle Kneip Residential Real Estate, VP, Le Mars 560615
Jodi Lange Retail Manager, AVP Spirit Lake 488220
Sam Larson Personal Banker, Spencer 1940250
Sarah Laubenthal Loan Documentation Specialist, Spencer 1787010
Chelsey Lindaman Retail Manager, AVP, Humboldt 955498
Natalie Lindsey Personal Banker, Spirit Lake 2457740
Sharon Lisac Private Banking Manager, West Des Moines 488166
Stephanie Marco Personal Banker, Spirit Lake 1696395
Yas Mata Mortgage Loan Originator, Estherville  1573370
Steve Mileham Personal Banker, Fort Dodge 697138
Jessica Moeller Mortgage Loan Originator, Ankeny 1456170
Melissa Moody Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux City 560614
Todd Mosbach Personal Banker, Ames 1894602
Dee Murman Mortgage Loan Originator, Fort Dodge 640562
Sarah Niemand Mortgage Loan Originator, Fort Dodge 974223
Morgan Neseth Universal Banker, Omaha 2128950
Amy Joe Olsen Retail Manager, Ankeny 2460959
Marion Ostrander Retail Manager, AVP, West Des Moines 610676
Brianne Patterson Universal Banker, Fort Dodge 2435099
Hilda Pereda Personal Banker, Sioux City 2092840
Angie Peterson Mortgage Loan Originator, VP, Spirit Lake 488226
Gary Presnall Mortgage Loan Originator, Ankeny 406030
Shelby Reed Personal Banker, West Des Moines 1840287
Hayley Roberts Universal Banker, West Des Moines 2402070
Joel Rogers Mortgage Loan Originator, Ames 6560
Ashley Rottinghaus Private Banker, VP, West Des Moines 915960
Ryan Schlabs Mortgage Loan Originator, Omaha 720173
Connie Schmidt Private Banker, SVP, Sioux City  1722447
Kelly Schnetzer Personal Banker, Fort Dodge 488168
Jody Schroeder Retail Manager, AVP Estherville 1012959
Travis Simpson Regional Bank President, West Des Moines 488169
Donnell Skow Mortgage Loan Originator, Humboldt 488170
Brad Smit Residential Real Estate, VP, Sioux Center 560618
Noah Slagter Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 2402065
Mallory Domnick Universal Banker, Ames 2125016
Joel Spaan Private Banking & Regional Lending Manager, VP Omaha 400142
Maria Steier Personal Banker, Algona 825441
Nancy Stickler Personal Banker, Spencer 974226
Andrea Stone Regional Retail Manager, AVP, Omaha 488229
Michael Storey Management Trainee, Sioux Center 2501305
Collin Snyder Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 2019688
RJ Toliver Personal Banker, Ankeny 2506113
Mariela Toteva Personal Banker, Fort Dodge 2135228
Cara Treybal Bank President, Ankeny 1708432
Haley Tuttle Universal Banker, Milford 2459023
Jennifer Vander Broek Personal Banker, Sioux Center 1480489
Jason Warren Residential Real Estate, VP, Spencer  488172
Andrea York Universal Banker, Omaha 962331

Northwest Bank 486668

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