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Dean Jacobsen

Wealth Advisor

Spencer, Iowa

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Dean specializes in business transfer and succession planning. With his knowledge of family dynamics and his expertise in credit and business, Dean can help develop a business succession plan that meets every personal, family, and financial need a business owner may have. Dean finds great value in advising nonprofit groups in the Spencer area. He provides prudent, unbiased investment management and financial guidance to help nonprofits advance their mission and goals by using his extensive community service and investment experience. "I began my career 33 years ago specializing in helping individuals and businesses achieve financial success by providing them with financial guidance and assistance. Over the years, my experiences led me to leadership roles that enabled me to develop strong relationships through my interactions with people. As a financial expert, I value the fact that customers trust me to guide them by providing   personalized planning designed to help meet their financial goals and service to ensure their plan is implemented seamlessly.Four important values that I feel are imperative in an advisor client relationship are mutual trust, honesty, character and integrity. These characteristics are the core foundation of any good relationship.

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