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Lance Evans

Wealth Advisor

Spirit Lake, IA

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Since 2011, I have been a Wealth Advisor for Northwest Wealth Management.  My background and temperament drive me to move people past the daily distractions and focus on what is real and lasting about wealth - in their own lives, in volatile markets and in our ever-changing world.  I guide individuals, families and institutions on how to:

Understand - Heed the solid evidence, to see clearly through Wall Street's smokescreens.
Manage - Wisely manage their emotions and behaviors that can knock them off-course. 
Achieve - Identify, organize and optimize the disparate components in their financial affairs (such as wealth accumulation, preservation, transfer and charitable intent).

With each relationship, I strive to help individuals, families and institutions make meaningful connections between their money and their life.  What do you care about the most?  What concerns you?  What are you looking to achieve?  If credentials and experience are the bricks in a wealth advisory relationship, my genuine interest in clients' lives and goals is the mortar.

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Advisors represent Northwest Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor and affiliate of Northwest Bank. Not FDIC insured. No bank guarantee. May lose value.

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