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Exploring new frontiers with Northwest Bank

Posted by Jason Olson on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Frontier Bag Company in Omaha, NE deposits checks faster and easier with Remote Deposit Capture.

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In 1946 Amos and Alberta Pearl left their home state of Missouri to venture out into the world and begin building a life together. The young couple decided to plant roots in Omaha, Nebraska, where they founded Midwest Bag Company.

“My parents were ready to leave the nest but didn’t want to be too far away from their family in Missouri,” said J.M. Pearl Lee, president of Frontier Bag Company. “After settling in Omaha, my parents opened the family business, manufacturing bags for the agriculture market.”

Frontier Bag Company is a custom manufacturer and wholesaler of bags and burlap products. With strong Midwestern values at their core, Lee and her parents have made it a priority to offer products that are held to the highest standards and quality.

“When Frontier Bag Company first opened, we provided multi-wall paper bags, burlap, paving covers, sandbags and parts bags to feed and seed companies,” said Lee. “We were one of the few companies during that time to custom manufacture cottons, canvas, and burlap bags.”

Alberta took the business over in 1973 when Amos passed away. In 1985 Lee joined her mother in managing the family business, taking over in full in 1987 after Alberta passed away. While Judy was working with her mother, she saw an opportunity to expand the business into the plastic bag market.

“Before I joined my mom at Frontier Bag Company, I worked for a company out west in their purchasing department, and one of the items I purchased regularly was plastic bags,” said Lee. “I decided to take a leap of faith and get into the plastic market by manufacturing trash can liners, custom plastic bags and sheeting for our customers.”

In the winter of 2017, Lee took another leap of faith and left the bank she had a long-standing relationship with to begin working with Northwest Bank. “When I met with Jason Olson, treasury service representative and Colby Beachler, commercial banker at Northwest Bank, I could tell that they had a sincere interest in what our company does and the direction we are headed,” said Lee. “I was impressed with how much time they took to get to know the business before I was a customer; I’ve never received that level of one-on-one attention from a bank before.”

Since joining Northwest Bank, Lee has implemented Remote Deposit Capture, which allows her to scan checks and issue bank deposits electronically. Remote Deposit Capture has allowed Lee and her growing business to become more efficient with time and cash flow management. “My office is not located near the bank, so Remote Deposit Capture has been wonderful,” said Lee. “Something that is typically not convenient — depositing checks — has been made convenient.”

Growing up in the Midwest, Lee understands how important it is to nurture and care for the land in order for bountiful crops to grow. And she believes the same is true for her business and the partners she works with.

“I really feel that our company can grow with a smaller community bank as our partner,” said Lee. “Northwest Bank understands my company’s concerns and needs, and I have a high level of trust in the team at Northwest Bank.”

Pictured from left to right are Colby Beachler, Northwest Bank; Judy Lee, Frontier Bag Co.; and Jason Olson, Northwest Bank.

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