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The Benefits of Employee Training Programs for Small Businesses

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Employee training programs can help your small business attract and retain high-performing workers.

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Within the small business community, it’s not uncommon to hear owners voice their struggle to attract and retain young, successful talent. Employee training programs present an opportunity for businesses to expand the knowledge base and management skills of their current employees, while growing their reputation in the job market.

Benefits of employee training

Virtually every type of business sees countless benefits from implementing a training program. When employees have a deeper understanding of their role, confidence in their responsibilities and the ability to stay on top of fast-paced industry standards, they perform better.

As a result, employees are more likely to remain with your business and produce higher-quality work that benefits not just the business, but your customers as well. Customers will receive what they expect – an outstanding customer service experience and satisfaction with the product they received.

Additional benefits of employee training programs include higher levels of innovation, competitive business advantages and better recruitment rates. When employees feel supported and knowledgeable, the entire business benefits.

NWB Management Trainee Program

At Northwest Bank, we recognize the mutual benefits training programs have on employees, the overall business, and customers. That’s why we’ve developed the Management Trainee Program for up-and-coming talent who want to expand their knowledge of the banking industry and position themselves to be the next generation of leaders.

Banking is more than just handing out loans. It encompasses a wide range of careers, from HR to marketing to IT. By gaining first-hand experience in every department, trainees experience all the opportunities banking has to offer so they can find the position that best fits their interests and talents.

This exposure to all components of a bank during the program, also helps employees become better equipped to handle any customer question or request. Because they understand the breadth of products and services every department has to offer, employees become a valuable resource to Northwest Bank customers.

“Because of the hands-on learning experience I received through the Management Trainee Program I am able to have in-depth conversations with my customers about mortgage options, as well as retail and commercial products and services. This makes it possible to be a trusted advisor and not just a commercial lender,” said Cara Treybal, loan portfolio manager, Northwest Bank.

Building a successful training program

Since day one, leadership at Northwest Bank has been invested in the Management Trainee Program, which has been vital to its success. Our leaders make sure individuals in the program are pulled into high-level projects so their ideas and voices can be heard. In addition, within each division of the bank we have been able to achieve a level of investment in the program that ensures participants are receiving a positive training experience that builds a good foundation for their career.

Since launching the Management Trainee Program, we have a greater ability to attract young, high-energy talent with the skills needed to navigate the technological world of today. We have found positions for our team members that maximize their abilities and improve career satisfaction, and we have created a family culture centered around familiar faces and the willingness to help others learn.

Learning is not a one-and-done process but should be continuous and lifelong, which is why Northwest Bank is invested in the development of our Management Trainee Program.

Watch this video to learn more about the Management Trainee Program at Northwest Bank.

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