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4 Benefits of Working with a Commercial Banker

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Does your small business have a dedicated commercial banker? Learn the 4 key benefits your small business will receive by working with a commercial banker.

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As a small business owner, it’s important to have a strong financial strategy that will help your business grow and be successful. One of the best things a small business owner can do is work with a commercial banker who understands their business and can provide financial support and resources to help reach their business goals.

There are four key benefits every small business owner should look for when choosing a commercial banker.

Business advocate

A commercial banker should serve as your advocate. Someone who takes the time to know your story, understand your business goals and help you achieve them. When choosing a commercial banker to work with, look for someone that takes the time to understand the industry you work in and the trends that could impact your business outcomes.

Trusted advisor

Having a team of people you know and respect to serve as a sounding board is a huge asset for your small business. For many small business owners their circle of trusted advisors includes their CPA, attorney and commercial banker.

Your banker is a great person to bounce ideas off of and help you dig deeper into your finances and run the numbers. Whether you are considering a capital purchase, looking for tools to help streamline your cash management processes or need support with succession planning, your banker will walk you through all the options to determine the best solution for your business.

Access to tools and resources

Working with a commercial banker opens the door to a variety of services, products and tools that can help your business with cash flow management and operate more efficiently. Your commercial banker will help you determine what solutions provide the best fit for your business.

They will also be able to connect you with additional resources and subject matter experts. Look for a bank that takes a collaborative approach to working with their customers and is able to bring in partners from other departments to help fulfill a customer’s whole array of needs.


The fourth benefit of working with a commercial banker is availability. They’re your go-to contact for any type of financial support you may need. It’s a lot easier to create positive outcomes for your business when you work closely with your banker. And when you’re facing a hard financial decision your commercial banker is someone who can take immediate action to address your needs.

No matter your size, a commercial banker is an invaluable partner for your small business. They serve as your advocate and trusted advisor and connect you with financial tools and resources.

To learn more about how Northwest Bank can help support your small business, contact one of our commercial bankers today.

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