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Cyber Survival Guide

posted on Friday, May 24, 2024 in Security & Fraud Information

Cyber Survival Guide

The spirit of adventure beckons you online!

Just like sunscreen is a must for sunny beach days, you've also got to navigate the shady corners of the internet. Despite your best efforts to stay safe online, it feels like you're constantly dodging cyber sharks and malware like they're unexpected waves crashing your summer vibes.

What is there to do? Don't despair! We’re here to help! Use the following as a survival guide for when you think you downloaded a virus, when you suspect an online account has been hacked, you’ve lost control of a social media account, your sensitive data was lost in a data breach, or a cybercriminal is threatening you with ransomware.  

Remember, with all these situations, the most common way hackers get access to your private digital life is through phishing – no, not the kind at a lake. Keeping calm and collected when a suspicious message slithers into your inbox helps stop a hacking attempt before the hook is set. We’ll give you tips to avoid the bait! 

Hacked Accounts

How to Survive a Hacked Account

Fearless internet explorers, you can reclaim online accounts even if a hacker sneaks in! With some quick, sure-footed action, shoo cybercriminals out of your social media, email, or other account. Let’s look at how you can identify if one (or several) of your accounts have been compromised and how you can restore order to your online basecamp.

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Hacked Social Media

How to Survive a Hacked Social Media Account

For many of us online, social media is how we unzip our tent flaps and enjoy the beauty of the online world. Social media is how we communicate with friends and family (and remember their birthdays). For some of us, it is an integral part of our business. Losing control of a social media account is like annoying hacker mosquitos invading your digital tent!

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How to Survive a Ransomware Attack

Unlike white-water rafting, ransomware is an adrenaline rush no one wants to have. Picture this: you savor your morning cup of coffee and fire up your computer only to discover you can’t access any of your precious files. Then you receive a taunting message from nasty hackers saying your data will be toast unless you pay a ransom. You’ve been struck by ransomware, a serious crime that is on the rise. Here are some techniques to take on digital hostage-takers.

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Data Breach

How to Survive a Data Breach

Unlike a postcard, nobody likes receiving a letter about their data being lost in a data breach. Sometimes your sensitive information is exposed onto the internet through no fault of your own. Because so much of our sensitive data is stored digitally, sometimes your information can be stolen even though you weren’t personally targeted, and you maintain good cybersecurity behaviors. When you find out your data might have been compromised in a breach, act fast.


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Computer Virus

How to Survive a Computer Virus

Viruses and malware are very real hazards swarming around the internet, but you can bushwhack them away with concerted action and a quality antivirus program. Going forward, you can be proactive to keep viruses from making your device sick!


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How to Survive a Phishing Attempt

As with most things, preventing a cyberattack is easier than dealing with the fallout in many cases. By practicing some good cyber hygiene behaviors, you can stay on the trail headed to amazing internet experiences.

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Stay safe online by being prepared

As with most things, preventing a cyberattack is easier than dealing with the fallout in many cases. By practicing some good cyber hygiene behaviors, you can stay on the trail headed to amazing internet experiences!? 

  1. Lock down your login with strong passwords, a password manager, and multi-factor authentication.
  2. Back up your data regularly to the cloud or an external drive (or both!)? 
  3. Antivirus software is worth it.
  4. Update your software regularly (turning on automatic updates is easiest!)? 

Congratulations! You now know how to survive all kinds of cyber-attacks. You have earned all of your Cyber Survival Guide Merit Badges!


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