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Mobile Banking Features

Check Out Our Newest Features in Our Mobile App!

Life moves at a fast pace which makes keeping up with your finances challenging. With Mobile Banking, you can manage your money anywhere and at anytime!  Check out the newest features that will help make your banking simple and convenient. 

Monitor your credit score* for free right in your online or mobile banking app.

Your credit score is more than just a number - it's a way for lenders to determine whether you are eligible for a loan, the amount of the loan, interest rate and your payment - important stuff when you are planning for the future.

Northwest Bank now offers you access to your credit score* along with personalized tips on how to improve or maintain an already great score with Credit Sense. It is built right in your already easy-to-use Online and Mobile Banking appearing under Accounts Quick Links and More Menu. You can receive monitoring alerts, identify credit bureau errors and see best rates available for you based on your score!

Banking is simple with these new menu improvements

We have made your mobile banking even easier with these new menu improvements!

  • The addition of two tabs on the Accounts Screen:
    • Transactions | View account transactions
    • Account (Loan) Details | View interest rates, due dates, minimum amount(s) due, and much more.

Note: If you do not have any loan accounts with Northwest Bank, the app will hide both tabs and the screen will show only the balance header and transaction lists. 

  • Change the order of your accounts | The updated My Accounts Screen allows you to change the order of your accounts by tap and hold the entire row to drag the account in to the desired position.
  • Manage Live Update Notifications | Receive Live Updates via a free push notification subscription.  Click on the Manage Live Update Quick Link on the Accounts Page to begin receiving push notifications about your account.
  • Credit Alert Notification  | A new credit alert notification indicator now appears on the Accounts landing page and the More menu for users who have enrolled in Credit Sense.  The number next to "My Credit Score" indicates the number of new credit alerts you have to review.
  • Quick Access | We added a new icon to the upper right side of the app that gives you quick access to the Call Us and Log Out options.  If you choose to Call Us, you will initiate a call to our Customer Service Team.  If you choose Log Out, the app will sign you out and the login page will appear.

Image of a group of people looking at a cell phone

Now there's a better way to pay bills with your smartphone's camera. It's the faster, easier solution to pay your bills without the hassle of filling out your information manually. Pay your bills in just three steps:

  1. Log in to your mobile banking appImage of a bill pay image showing you need the tear off section when taking the picture
  2. Take a picture of your bill (Make sure to use the whole page (do not tear off the mail in portion) when taking the picture),
  3. You're ready to pay!

Information from the bill is automatically and securely entered and ready to use for current and future payments. It's that easy.

Payment Enhancements | Northwest Bank Mobiliti is now available on your Tablet with  the following functions - Pay My Contact, Zelle®**, Manage Contacts (adding new bill payees), To Dos, Bill Capture and Payment Activity (bill pay history).  For the best user experience use Mobiliti in portrait mode, where the device is held vertically. 

Payment Changes to Mobiliti's Mobile Browser | CheckFree® RXP® bill payment services will no longer be available in Mobiliti's Mobile Browser Banking channel, however they will remain available through your online banking and Mobiliti downloadable apps.   

Image of a women with a cell phone stating introducing Touch ID support for iPhone users

Accessing your finances has never been faster or easier - now all you need is your fingerprint.

To access this new feature, users must download the latest version of our mobile banking app. After logging in to the app, simply select "More" from the main menu and select "Touch ID Settings" for Apple users or "Fingerprint Login" for Android users. Then toggle the Touch ID or Fingerprint Login switch to the On position. If there are no fingerprints currently stored on the device, the app instructs the user to set up at least one fingerprint on the device first before enabling Touch ID or Fingerprint Login.

Once you have enabled Touch ID or Fingerprint Login, it automatically prompts you for a fingerprint when you launch the app to log on. 

Image of a man using a mobile phone and text stating check out these great features with mobile bank

Image of check icon in mobile banking

Check Image Retrieval

View images of your cleared checks and deposits in online and mobile banking. Transactions with associated images appear in the transaction history with a check icon. You can tap the icon to display an image of the check.

Loan DetailsImage of loan details in mobile banking

View loan account details on your phone with mobile banking! The minimum due, due date and loan information will now display in the banner on the top of the loan account transaction history. 

Image of mobile banking stating multitasking and password management at your fingertips

Our Northwest Bank mobile app now has a multitasking feature that allows you to navigate out of Mobile Banking for up to 1 minute – to check an email or use the calculator – and then return without having to log back in again!

And you can now paste your log in credentials right into the log in screen! Users have frequently requested this feature, and this allows for the use of strong passwords stored in password vault tools.
Upgrade your app today at the Apple or Google Play app stores to start utilizing today!

image of a button to the app store     image of a button to the google play store

Don't have our app yet?    Learn How To Get Our Mobile Banking App

Image of mobile banking on a cell phone stating check your balance at a glance

Instant Balance

image of instant balance icon in mobile banking

View your balances without having to log in. Once you have setup your Instant Balance you can simply look for the icon on the Login screen to view your balances instantly.

Instant Balance gives you the option to see your chosen account balances without logging in to the app.

Easy Set Up

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of our mobile app. 
  2. Click on the "Instant Balance" icon in the upper right hand corner and click "Log in and set up"
  3. Enter your password and click continue
  4. Switch "Instant Balance" to on
  5. Choose the account balances you want to view and click save. It's that easy!

View Your Balances

After setup, view your balances by tapping on the Instant Balance icon on the login screen. Make sure you have ‘Save ID’ on.

*The credit score provided is intended to help you understand the factors that affect your credit score, and ways you may be able to save money with Northwest Bank loan products. It is generally not used for loan approval purposes or for determining loan rates. Loan rates and approvals are based on information provided to the bank when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in the credit report may be different than the credit score you see here. The offers presented here are not offers to lend; normal underwriting criteria apply. Terms and conditions and offers are subject to change at any time. **Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Image of a women holding a smartphone stating create a mobile banking account from your phone!

Experience faster access to view your balances, pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds and more! 

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Talk about convenience, you can now complete an application for a Vehicle Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Home Equity Loan and Personal Loan anytime! 

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