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Customer Success: DAM Auto

Posted by Brent Plantage on Thursday, November 19, 2020

The secret sauce for success at DAM Auto is treating customers the right way long after they’ve made a purchase. Learn how strong customer service and Northwest Bank have helped this business grow over the years.

image of dam autoDAM Auto Sales Grows from the Ground-Up

The origin story for DAM Auto Sales is a classic tale of humble beginnings. After 17 years as the general manager for a Toyota dealership and two Ford dealerships, Craig Dam opened DAM Auto with his wife, Gina. They bought a corner block on a busy highway intersection in Sioux City and that’s where it all started.

As the business has grown, they replaced the original small building with a new one on the current location with a nice show floor, new offices and a big shop for repairs. This growth hasn’t only impacted their brick-and-mortar location. Selling cars online has enabled them to reach customers nationwide.

“We’ve sold cars in Florida, we’ve sold them in Texas and we even just picked someone up from the airport who came from Denver, Colorado, to buy one,” Craig said. “With Car Gurus, Autotrader and the other internet sources, everybody is seeing our inventory. We have competitive prices, so we’re able to sell all over the country.”

In Sioux City, Craig has built a loyal customer base by developing long-term relationships. What keeps these customers coming back? When a customer buys a car from DAM Auto Sales, they receive free labor on all qualified repairs for as long as they own the vehicle. When a repair is needed, the customer only pays for the necessary parts.

“We offer a low-pressure sales experience and treat our customers fairly before, during and long after the purchase is complete,” Craig explains. “Once we explain our warranty and our repair service offering, they think ‘why wouldn’t I buy a car here?’” 

The business has become a family affair for Craig and Gina. Their son, Brady Dam, started working for the business after graduating from South Dakota State University. Brady’s involvement in the business, as well as the twelve full-time employees on staff, make DAM Auto what it is today.

A Bright Future in Sales

Craig Dam’s first foray into the car sales business happened when he was an 18-year-old business student at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City. He was working in the shop at a local dealership when, one weekend, the sales team was short-staffed. The sales manager asked him to fill in and he agreed.

During that one weekend, Craig realized he had a knack for sales and he never looked back.

A Commercial Banker, There From the Beginning

Since Craig’s very first day as a business owner, Brent Plantage, a commercial banker at Northwest Bank, has been alongside him. Craig was introduced to Brent through a customer and now runs all his business accounts at Northwest Bank.

“They have done a great job for us,” Craig said. “If there is ever anything we need, whether it’s help with our mobile app, credit card machines or any of our banking needs for the business, Brent, Dan DeBoest and their staff are always there for us. Their customer support is unbelievable.”

“Having that level of trust in them has been great,” Craig said. “Whether it’s my personal accounts or our business finances, I always know that Brent and the team at Northwest Bank are making the right decisions for us.”

Our commercial bankers have local connections and experience working with other successful business owners that they can pass onto you and your small business as well. To learn more about how we can help, contact a commercial banker today

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