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dash™Payroll Card

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 Deliver More With dashPayroll Cards

Paying employees does not have to be complicated. With dash™Payroll Cards from Prepaid Technologies, you can simplify and streamline your payroll process and deliver more value to your employees.  The dash™Payroll Card integrates seamlessly with your current payroll process saving your business time and money.

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What Are Payroll Cards? 

Payroll cards are prepaid cards offered by employers that replace paper paychecks. Each card has an underlying account number that enables direct deposit. Cards can be used to access cash at ATMs, and to conduct both PIN-based and signature-based transactions. They are safer than carrying cash, eliminate costly check-cashing fees, and can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted – in stores and online.

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Benefits to Your Business 

Improve your bottom line when you use the dash™Payroll Cards: 

  • Reduces cost: Increase your employee enrollment in direct deposit to help eliminate many printing, postage, and HR expenses.
  • Reduces risk: No more lost or stolen checks, and less opportunity for fraud.
  • More efficient: Online accounting simplifies reconciliation, the dash™Payroll Cards can integrate seamlessly with existing direct deposit systems, and the same system can also be used for expense reimbursement.
  • Easy to implement: There is no software or hardware to install. You can use your existing banking relationship, payroll system, and direct deposit procedures.

Benefits to Employees

Deliver more value to your employees with dash™Payroll Cards: 

  • Funds are immediately available on payday: No more picking up checks, cashing checks or waiting in line for your employees. 
  • Establishes a portable, cardholder-owned account:  Which is great for your unbanked employees. 
  • No set-up fee.
  • Easy-to-use payroll cards function like a checking account with free in-network ATM withdrawals (Allpoint and MoneyPass®) and purchasing power at 20 million merchants.
  • Efficient online fund tracking: Your employees will have access to online or paper statements to help them keep track of their account transactions. 
  • Cardholder support: Card and balance information is available online or over the phone 
  • Use the card to pay bills such as phone, electric and television service.

dash™Payroll Card FAQ

I already have a payroll system in place, and many of my employees are on direct deposit, what benefits does dash™Payroll provide for me and my company?

dash™Payroll cards allow businesses to achieve 100% electronic payroll – effectively getting everyone on direct deposit. Businesses can use their existing direct deposit set up and reduce administrative time, save on the costs of printing checks, processing and distribution, and reduce the risk of lost checks and fraud

Aren’t payroll cards expensive? What will this cost me and my company?

There are no setup or ongoing costs for the standard dash™ Payroll program, and dash provides one card to each employee at no cost to the business or the employee. 

If you have questions about payroll cards or how they can provide value to your business and employees, contact a Treasury Service Representative

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