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Positive Pay for Your Business

positive pay

Contact your local Treasury Management Specialist today to get started.

Positive Pay from Northwest Bank allows you to protect your business account from unauthorized transactions. With Positive Pay, you can take control of your business banking account and monitor checks and ACH Debits presented for potential fraud.

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Benefits of Positive Pay

  • Peace of mind knowing your business is protected from Check and ACH fraud with one of the most effective anti-fraud tools available.
  • Reduce exposure to check and ACH fraud.
  • Stop loss of funds.
  • Block unauthorized checks and debits from posting to your account.

How does it work?

Image of the positive pay process. 1.Client transmits file 2.Bank compares file 3.Client is notified

Check Positive Pay

  • At the end of each business day, your company electronically submits an issued check file within Business Online.
  • Each night after posting the incoming checks, Northwest Bank compares the checks against your issued check file.
  • If a check is found that does not match the issued check information or has already been marked as "paid," it will be listed on an "exception report."
  • The Bank will notify you via email that you have an exception item to review. Let us know if any of these items are fraudulent or inaccurate in a timely manner, and we will quickly correct or return the checks to the bank of first deposit.


ACH Positive Pay

  • For ACH debits and credits, your business creates and manages an approved vendor list.
  • If an ACH transaction received is not on the approved vendor list, Northwest Bank will notify you in the form of an email and it will be  listed on the "exception report".
  • Upon receipt of the email, simply login to ACH Positive Pay through Business Online to accept or reject the item.
  • If accepted, you can then add that vendor to your approved vendor list.

Getting Started

To get started with Positive Pay service please contact one of our Treasury Management experts today. They are here to help. They will come to your location and walk you through the process step by step and as well as have product demonstration videos to show you how Positive Pay can help protect your business from fraudulent payments.

We have been on Positive Pay for only a couple of months and we have already seen the benefits it can provide. We were able to stop a stale dated check well past the 90-day limitation from being cashed and provide a copy to the policy holder that the reissued check was cashed by them. It is extremely easy to upload the written check files into the Positive Pay system and to void checks that we are going to reissue. It can provide many variations of reports that we have not actually taken advantage of yet. Positive Pay has made us more aware of the possibility of fraud even though you may think that everything is safe and secure because we live in a smaller city. We now have a habit of checking our bank account daily.

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Positive Pay

Peace of mind knowing your business is protected from Check and ACH fraud with one of the most effective anti-fraud tools available.

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