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12 Days of Kindness

posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 in Community News

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Small acts of kindness matter and can add up to do great things in the world.  Whether you are donating socks or making someone smile every small act can have a positive impact on our communities. Northwest Bank has put together 12 Days of Kindness in an effort to help spread kindness through our communities this season

Day 1 | Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. 

Day 2 | Hold the door open for someone. 

Day 3 | Pay it forward and buy a coffee for the person/car behind you. 

Day 4 | Give someone a compliment.

Day 5 | Say "hello" to someone on the street. 

Day 6 | Leave someone an encouraging note. 

Day 7 | Recognize your coworkers' hard work. 

Day 8 | Tip a little extra after dining out or picking up carry out. 

Day 9 | Mail someone a postcard or letter. 

Day 10| Surprise your coworker with a treat. 

Day 11 | Share a great book you have read with someone. 

Day 12 | Make a donation to a local charity, church, organization, animal shelter, food drive, etc. 

We encourage you to complete all twelve acts this month and share them on social media using #NBbekind

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