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4 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter

posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 in Community News

image of 4 easy ways to brighten your home this winter.

Does winter get you down? Spending more time indoors and getting less exposure to the sun can really do a number on your mood. Fixing up your home can be the antidote to the blues that sometimes accompany this season.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas:

Image of 4 ways; add light, refresh, move it, paint it.

Not sure what paint color to choose?
Here's how certain colors influence how we think or feel.

Green: creativity
Red: strength, attractiveness
Violet: sophistication
Yellow: warmth
Blue: trustworthiness, calm

Prepping for your home for the change in the weather.

Image of houses in winter

On the practical side of things, there are a few maintenance jobs you'll need to take care of to be sure your home keeps you warm, dry, and cozy until spring returns. Use this checklist to prepare for whatever winter might throw at you:

  • Get a furnace check up

  • Replace furnace filter

  • Reverse ceiling fans clockwise for cold weather

  • Check roof for damage from summer heat and storms

  • Check seals around doors and windows for gaps

  • Find and clean up humidifiers in preparation for turning on the heat

  • Check the blanket or insulation around your water heater for gaps or tears

  • In cold areas, disconnect and pack away hoses and turn off outdoor taps

  • Trim trees near your home that could fall during a storm

Winter is the perfect time to plan your next move! Whether you're thinking of moving into a new home or refinancing your existing property, let's connect to discuss all the options available to you

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